Shanxi coal mine orders 60 Caterpillar methane-powered gen sets

JINCHENG CITY, May 19 — Sihe coal mine in Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, has ordered 60 Caterpillar generating sets, as part of a project it hopes will improve mine safety and reduce emissions.

By capturing the previously vented methane gas and converting it into electricity, the Caterpillar generator sets will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also improving the capacity of the local power grid. It is estimated the project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4.5 million tons over a 20 year period.

Caterpillar anticipates the planned power generation plant at the Sihe Coal Mine will use 60 Caterpillar G3520 generator sets, paralleling switchgear and four steam turbines driven by recovered exhaust heat to produce 120MW of power.

Project partner Shanghai Electric Group Co. will provide the steam turbines. The entire methane-fired power plant is expected to be fully operational in 2007. Caterpillar says it will work closely with dealer WesTrac China Limited on product commissioning and ongoing support for this project.

“For more than 20 years, our Lafayette, Indiana, Large Engine Center has produced the 3500 series of engines for use in electric power projects all over the world,” said Bill Rohner, Caterpillar vice president with responsibility for the Electric Power Division. “The engines that will be the heart of this coal methane power plant have a proven track record and will provide years of dependable electricity for the people of Shanxi Province,” Rohner said.

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