China to shut down 15GW of coal-fired capacity by 2011

BEIJING, June 8 — China will close 15GW of its most inefficient coal-fired plant over the next five years, according to vice chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Zhang Guobao, speaking at a press conference today.
According to Xinhua, Zhang said the government would accelerate the efforts to close small coal-fired units that “cost excessive energies and produce heavy pollution” during an industry reshuffling.

“Coal-fired generation units with a combined capacity of 15 million kW (15GW) will be closed in the coming five years,” he said.

Meanwhile he refuted any power glut existence in China, saying the nation’s power shortages have only eased up.

China’s total power installed capacity has reached 531GW, he said, while 250GW of power station projects are under construction in China, and more than 70GW of newly installed capacity will be commissioned this year.

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