Krygyzstan calls Chinese to develop Kyrgyz 20GW hydro resources

BEIJING, June 10 — Kyrgyzstan could export the equivalent power of the completed Three Gorges Dam to China’s western region if Chinese electricity companies would “provide facilities to his country and join in the development and upgrading of its electric power system,” Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev said speaking at a China-Kyrgyzstan business forum organized by China’s Ministry of Commerce and Kyrgyzstan’s Chinese Embassy in Beijing.

The Kyrgyz President said his country has the third largest hydropower resources in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and could export 142 billion kWh of electricity a year – 10 times Kyrgyzstan’s 14,000GWh present total generating output – if developed. Such exports would represent around 20GW of plant capacity running for 7,000 hours a year, similar in scope to the planned output of the 18GW Three Gorges project.

Bakiyev invited Chinese electricity companies to supply equipment to Kyrgyzstan and participate in the development of its power grids.

“Only 10% of our power resources have been tapped,” said Bakiyev.

China has already offered US$900 million in preferential loans to Kyrgyzstan and other Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) countries ahead of the upcoming SCO meeting in Shanghai June 15. Member-country Kyrgyzstan has earmarked Chinese loans for “actual projects” in railway construction, mining, light industry, electricity, agriculture, investment and tourism.

Mountainous Kyrgyzstan is rich in hydro, coal and gold resources. Hydro presently accounts for 92% of its generating capacity, coal 3%.

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