Tailpipe emissions law tightened for 2007

BEIJING, October 8 — China will introduce new motor vehicle emission standards that will cut vehicle pollutants by 30% in 2007, the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) has said.

The new standards are equivalent to the Euro III standards in the European Union, Zhao Yingmin, head of SEPA’s department of science, technology and standards told Xinhua.

A more stringent standard, equivalent to Euro IV, will take effect in 2010, he said.

China began to enforce Euro II emission standards nationwide in September 2003, seven years after its introduction in Europe.

However, major cities acted much earlier than national requirements, with Beijing enforcing Euro II standards in 2002 and Shanghai in March 2003.

Hong Kong is further ahead – it began implementing Euro IV standards in phases from the beginning of 2006 and from October 1, 2006 all vehicle classes except motorcycles were required to comply with these standards. All newly registered motorcycles in Hong Kong must comply with Euro III from January 1, 2007.

A Euro IV heavy duty vehicle emits about 30% less NOx and 80% less particulates than a Euro III model, while a Euro III motorcycle emits about 50% less NOx than a Euro II model.

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