New engine range lowers NOx 15%

COLOGNE, May 30 — MTU Friedrichshafen has premiered its new generation of Series 4000 diesel genset engines at the Power Gen Europe show in Cologne, Germany.

The new engine for power generation applications is cleaner, more economical and more powerful than its predecessor, says the company.

With nitrogen oxide (NOx) values below 1,700mg/m3 across a range of 50 to 100% of rated power, the new engines undercut the previous version by 15% and thus set a new technical standard in MTU’s 1.2 to 3.5MW range.

The new Series 4000 diesel engines achieve these low NOx values with purely internal technology, without requiring exhaust after-treatment. MTU says they are setting new standards in 50Hz applications, for example in European and Chinese markets, whilst the 60Hz engines for US markets meet US EPA Tier 2. The new combustion settings on Series 4000 genset engines also reduce particulate emissions to below 50mg/m3 which represents a significant step in the development of ecologically sound generating set engines, especially as far as the reduction of fine particulate in densely populated areas is concerned. And at less than 300mg/m3 of exhaust gas, carbon monoxide values are just half that of the previous engine version.

The 50Hz version goes into production in Friedrichshafen, Germany, in July 2006 while the 60Hz engine is scheduled to begin production in Detroit, Michigan in December this year. It is unknown whether the engine will be built in China – in 2005, MTU broke ground on a new engine plant in Suzhou to build its 2000 Series engines.

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