GE signs 30th Chinese gasification agreement

GE Energy has signed its 30th gasification technology licensing agreement in China. Under the latest agreement, Inner Mongolia chemical firm Baotou Shenhua Coal Chemicals Co will use GE technology to convert local coal into 12 million m3 per day of synthesis gas, for use as chemical plant feedstock. Commercial operation is expected by the end of 2009.

“Gasification technology allows our customers in China to produce chemicals by using local coal, an abundant and relatively inexpensive feedstock, which provides an economic benefit for chemical production projects,” said John Lavelle, GE Energy’s general manager of gasification.

The licensing of its gasification technologies for use in industrial applications such as the chemicals industry is a key segment of GE’s overall gasification business, which also includes integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) technology for use in “Cleaner Coal” power generation plants.

Of GE’s 30 gasification licensing agreement projects in China, 20 are coal feed, 8 are heavy oil feed and two are natural gas feed projects. 20 projects have entered commercial operation while the others are in engineering and construction phases. More than 90% of the gasification equipment for these projects is fabricated locally in China.

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