China dominates CDM tonnage, lags on project activity

China continues to dominate global Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) emission reduction tonnage, with its registered projects accounting for 40% of emissions reductions under the scheme.

China is leading the CDM market

China is leading the CDM market

China’s registered projects today total 47 million tonnes of average annual CO2-equivalent (CO2e) reductions, triple that of its closest rival, India, which hosts just over 16 million tonnes of CO2e reductions. Recent CER transaction auction prices of US$15.7/tonne would value China’s share at around US$740 million (RMB5.7 billion).

China plays host to six of the 10 largest CDM projects globally; its HFC23 reduction projects in Jiangsu and Shandong Provinces alone account for nearly 18% of the total global annual reductions under the CDM scheme.

Host country No. of projects
India 177
Brazil 92
Mexico 75
China 41
Malaysia 14

Nevertheless, India dominates the rankings in terms of number of projects, with 177 projects registered, against China’s 41. India’s projects are more evenly spread in terms of size – India’s largest project is a 3.8 million tonne CO2e/annum HFC23 reduction project, its smallest is a 562 tonne CO2e/annum solar heating project. China, while dominating the top of the emissions reduction list, disappears from the project listing below the 19,000 tonne CO2e/annum reduction level.


Top 18 registered CDM projects (by annual reduction) in China, March 2007
Annual CO2e Date registered Project
10,437,249 8/8/2006 Project for HFC23 Decomposition at Changshu 3F Zhonghao New Chemical Materials Co. Ltd, Changshu, Jiangsu Province
10,110,117 13/3/2006 Shandong Dongyue HFC23 Decomposition Project
8,411,432 04/6/2006 Project for GHG Emission Reduction by Thermal Oxidation of HFC23 in Jiangsu Meilan Chemical Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Province
5,789,682 3/3/2006 HFC23 Decomposition Project of Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd.
4,783,753 27/10/2006 Project for HFC23 Decomposition at Limin Chemical Co., Ltd. Linhai, Zhejiang Province
3,656,598 27/10/2006 Project for HFC23 Decomposition at Zhejiang Dongyang Chemical Co., Ltd., China
312,891 11/8/2006 Xiaogushan Hydropower Project
296,278 18/2/2007 Huaibei Haizi and Luling Coal Mine Methane Utilization Project
286,525 3/3/2006 Meizhou Landfills Gas Recovery and Utilization as Energy
253,287 12/8/2006 Jilin Tongyu Huaneng 100.05MW Wind Power Project
246,107 18/12/05 Nanjing Tianjingwa Landfill Gas to Electricity Project
199,251 6/11/06 Rudong County Wind Farm Project
178,626 4/3/2007 Hebei Jinzhou 24MW Straw-Fired Power Project
172,500 25/5/06 Ningxia Helanshan Wind-farm Project, Ningxia Autonomous Region
134,811 13/11/2006 Erlongshan Hydropower Project in Gansu Province
125,557 31/12/2006 Inner Mongolia Chifeng Dongshan 49.3 MW Wind Power Project
111,812 15/12/2006 Saihanba East 45.05 MW Windfarm Project
111,812 15/12/2006 Saihanba North 45.05 MW Windfarm Project
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