Beautiful summer reminds us of air issue: AmCham


The environment committee chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Alan Seigrist, says recent poor air quality is a “reminder to all of us about the issues and task at hand we have in Hong Kong.”

Referring to “pretty abysmal” air quality in Hong Kong last weekend, Seigrist said the unusually clear blue skies earlier in the year had been fabulous, not just from a clean air perspective. “It was a reminder to me of why I love Hong Kong so much – with the beautiful views, the green hills, the beautiful water, the ferries… I could see all of it, and it was a wonderful thing. Hong Kong is a world class city,” he said. “But it’s a world class city with a bit of an issue.”
According to Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department figures, air pollution was significantly lower in July 2007 compared with 2006. The charts show the hourly distribution of Air Pollution Index levels, measured from general stations in Hong Kong – 0.4% of hours in July 2007 registered an API of “High” compared with 13.7% of hours in July 2006.

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