Polluters await Olympic shutdown order

Nini - blessingthe infinite sky

Nini – blessing
the infinite sky

China is preparing to switch off 13GW of coal-fired power plants and other heavily polluting industrial sites to help ensure clean skies over the summer Olympic Games, according to global energy and commodity information provider Platts.

A broad shutdown order will be issued 30 days before the Games begin on August 8, with plants remaining closed until the closing ceremonies on August 24, sources returning from a visit to China told Platts.

Most shutdowns will happen in and around Beijing, and co-host Shenyang in the north eastern province of Liaoning.

Aside from 13GW coal-fired power shutdowns, sources said six million tonnes (6Mt) of steel plant capacity will be closed, as well as cement plants with a combined output of 50Mt; iron ore production facilities with a total capacity of 14Mt; and paper-making factories producing a combined 1Mt, they said.

Oil-fired power stations, mainly located in the southern areas, were largely not affected, an official from Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau said.

China is expected maximize nuclear power production, gas-fired power stations and even oil-fired power generation, said Platts, which will drive up LNG, gas and fuel oil consumption towards peak rates for a prolonged period of time.

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