Hong Kong mourns tragic HK Electric accident

Aftermath of the accident (Photo: Trey Menefee)

Aftermath of the accident (Photo: Trey Menefee)

Our hearts go out to the victims’ families following the fatal ferry accident involving Hong Kong Electric’s kaito Lamma IV.

38 of the 127 aboard died when the vessel was struck by a passenger ferry off the coast of Lamma Island, southwest Hong Kong, on the evening of October 1.

The Lamma IV was taking Hong Kong Electric employees and their families from the island, where the power company has its largest coal plant, to central Hong Kong to view the National Day fireworks.

The cause of the accident is as yet unknown, with many people in Hong Kong shocked at how such a tragedy could occur on a clear night in calm seas.

Hong Kong Electric has engaged the Christian Family Service Centre to set up a donation account for those affected by the ferry crash. Locally, donations can be made to HSBC account 004-808-6-000927 (if transferring in Hong Kong, remove “404” prefix, account number 808-6-000927), cheques should be payable to “Christian Family Service Centre” (in Hong Kong dollars).

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