PM2.5 unhealthy in smoking plazas

Grand Millennium Plaza

The Center plaza

Roadside air quality near both The Center and Grand Millennium Plaza

Smokers cause a significant and dangerous difference in local air quality, results of our first air quality testing show.

Using the TES5321 Air Quality Monitor, we took spot readings of PM2.5 at various locations in Central on 7 March 2017, as well as a Time Weighted Average for 1 hour around Central district.

We targeted two specific locations for spot readings, Grand Millennium Plaza (the plaza outside COSCO Tower); and the plaza underneath The Center.

Smoking is encouraged in Grand Millenium Plaza, with 7 ashtrays provided for smokers to congregate. Meanwhile smoking is banned underneath the Center.

Site Reading
Grand Millennium Plaza 100μg/m3
The Center 66μg/m3
Roadside near plazas 70μg/m3
Central Roadside testing station (street level) 76μg/m3
Time Weighted Average in central, 1 hour 60μg/m3

The result show a big difference in air quality between the two plazas. Grand Millennium Plaza showed steady readings of around 100μg/m3 or above, while The Center showed a reading of 66μg/m3. Roadside readings nearby both plazas were measured at 70μg/m3, while the Time Weighted Average for 1-hour Pm2.5 was 60μg/m3.

See the map here.

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