Pedestrians choking under secondhand smoke: one smoking person passes every 30 seconds on Peking Road


Smoking rate and prevalence among Hong Kong pedestrians, according to new Blue Skies China research (pedestrians surveyed = 8,262)

Pedestrians are subjected to a burning cigarette passing by every 30 seconds on one busy Hong Kong street, with the number of smoking pedestrians measured at 128 per hour on Peking Road this week.

According to new research by Blue Skies China, which aims to shed light on Hong Kong’s true smoking prevalence, the average number of smokers per hour on Hong Kong streets was 56, meaning one smoking pedestrian passes by roughly every minute. The most offensive street was Peking Road outside iSquare, notching up 128 smoking smokers per hour, closely followed by Canton Road, with 100 per hour, and Queen’s Road Central near Prosperity Tower, with 92 per hour.

Blue Skies China measured the number of non-smoking and smoking pedestrians over 15 minute intervals at various times ranging from lunchtime to early evening, across six selected sites. The sites were chosen to be typically busy streets, and counting was carried out by simple hand counters and timer. Data was uploaded to GISCloud for recording and analysis.

According to the early findings, Hong Kong pedestrians show an average smoking prevalence of 1.91%. The highest proportion of smokers was found on Canton Road (outside number 3, towards the Star Ferry end), with a prevalence of almost 4.6%.

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