Siemens honours inventors as the firm filed 33 new patents a day in 2018

Twelve researchers and their 590 inventions and 589 patents

Siemens has honored 12 particularly resourceful researchers as Inventors of the Year 2018. Together, these scientists are responsible for some 590 inventions and 589 individual patents. Two of the inventors are from Germany, three from Austria and one each from Norway, France, Poland, Mexico, China, India and the United States. Their inventions range from new software that revolutionizes component design with 3D printing to a window coating that significantly improves the reception of cellular communication signals in trains.

China’s Jilong Yao, Inventor of the Year in the Talent section

Representing China and winning an honour in the Talent category is 39-year-old Jilong Yao, based in Corporate Technology in Beijing. Yao invented several devices that integrate related technology into power grids, including a safety device that protects transformers and a measurement device that transmits sensor readings using optical fibre, as well as modular solid-state transformer with power electronics. Yao is now working around the topic of drivetrain for robots.

“Our inventors share the aspiration of enabling progress in technology and society, helping to make real what matters and creating value for customers and all our stakeholders,” said Roland Busch, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Siemens AG. “That’s the purpose of Siemens. And our inventors live this purpose.” Every year since 1995, Siemens has been presenting the Inventor of the Year Award to its outstanding researchers and developers, whose inventions have made major contributions to the company’s strong performance. Since 2016, the award has also been presented to researchers from outside the company.

In fiscal 2018, Siemens filed around 3,850 patents worldwide – an increase of 200 patents over the previous year. Worldwide, Siemens holds about 65,000 patents. In fiscal 2018, Siemens employees submitted about 7,300 invention disclosures. On a basis of 220 workdays during the year, this figure corresponds to about 33 inventions per day.


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