About Blue Skies China

We are passionate about clean air, clean water and clean business!

Blue Skies China was launched in 2006 as an independent environmental trade magazine for energy producers and users in Greater China.

Our original mission was to provide a magazine and forum to help companies achieve their social and environmental targets, with reporting on the latest technology, engineering and financial solutions.

In 2017, we broadened our scope to focus on a most pressing environmental and health issue: burgeoning tobacco use in Hong Kong and southern China, with all the associated public health, pollution, addiction and governance issues.

Through Zero Smoke, we develop primary research and campaign for smoke-free investments and smoke-free streets! We also provide high quality journalism, breaking stories on tobacco control and holding corporates, government and individuals to account on these important issues.

Smoking rate and prevalence among Hong Kong pedestrians

In its first year, Zero Smoke has made a strong impact: we measured the smoking prevalence of now around 20,000 pedestrians; developed a system for reporting illegal smoking to the authorities; and successfully campaigned to have cigarette pollution considered in Hong Kong’s official emissions inventory.



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