Professional services

Socially responsible organisations show leadership in labour, environment, human rights, consumer issues, fair operating practices, community involvement and organisational governance.

Blue Skies China is a trusted sustainability partner in navigating these complex issues and developing effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies. Since 2012, we’ve helped shape, execute and communicate corporate sustainability and social responsibility programmes for leading companies across the region, including Prudential Hong Kong, Shiseido, Veolia and CSR Asia.

In particular we offer CSR policy, editorial and reporting services covering the foundations of genuine sustainable development. Whether its simple press release or an exchange-compliant ESG report, we have the skills, experience to help you deliver on your CSR promises.

Frontiers, Footprints and the Firm

Our own in-house research focuses on critical sustainability and corporate social responsibility. In 2010, our director James Ockenden wrote “Frontiers, Footprints and the Firm“, a dissertation examining corporate social responsibility in space tourism. James was invited to present the paper at the International Sustainable Development Research Society’s annual conference in New York in 2011.


Our director James Ockenden has an MA in Natural Sciences from The University of Cambridge and an MSocSc in Corporate Environmental Governance and Social Responsibility from The University of Hong Kong. James is former editor of Energy Risk and Asia Risk, with experience in financial media as well as environmental and energy media.


Contact James on +852 9410 4988 or email



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