• Over 300 potentially sensitive The China Quarterly articles blocked by Cambridge University Press (CUP) from its website in China will be reinstated immediately, as the [...]
  • Cambridge University Press (CUP) has been widely criticised for its decision to comply with a Chinese government request to block more than 300 articles from its journal [...]
  • Smokers cause a significant and dangerous difference in local air quality, results of our first air quality testing show. Using the TES5321 Air Quality Monitor, we took spot [...]

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Zero Smoke mission: clean city air, respect for non-smoking and a mindful breathing culture

Zero Smoke campaign pillars

Our 2017 campaign "Zero Smoke" works in three areas:

1. Research into street-level smoking

2. Raising respect for existing non-smoking areas

3. Education into air quality, breathing and the power of breath

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